Saturday, February 16, 2008


halo halo people!!! back to blogging!!!!! wakaka...

wait..wait..b4 i u noe wut is meant by my title leh??

yeah u r rite!!!! B.C. = busy lo =p hahahaha...have been quite busy with vacations outings n dinners during s normal to not to update rite?? =p

Lotsa thing wanna write up ere!!!!

1. Taiwan trip ^^ ( super cool!!! will post lotsa cool photos ^^)

2. Valentine ^^ ( super romantic!!! hahahaha...but to avoid sai meng-ness..mayb wont post.. =p)

3. Tagged? ( By yin...ll do it soon!!! =p)

hahaha..interesting leh?? hehehe..stay tuned with my blog la..people don abandon my blog ok...promise will update... =p hahahahaha.. ( li yeng n i-yin laughing loud IT class..chaoz!!!! ^^)


Monday, February 4, 2008

The Reason(s).

hahahahaha..halo people!!! so touched leh...everybody chasing me to update...well well as usual...i always try to explain myself..with those quite-reasonable-n-logic reasons... =p

1. Cannot on9 at home. -TMNEt's fault.

2. CLasses n work at college. -SEGi's fault.

3. Helping mum in buying stuff n stuff n stuff. -CNY's fault. (mou yeh lai...) =p

4. Pak toh pak toh pak toh. - hmm...nobody s fault. It s a BIG right =p ( eh eh..i try to minimize the sai meng-ness edi..hahahahhaa...)

ok!!! fei wah a lot edi..

k k lemme talk ssomethin yao sem dou (means...deep thought la =p) b4 i neglect the blog again.. =p

hmm...yday attended J & J 's birthday party... ( Jarrret Lim n Joanne Yim =p ) well well...had lotsa feeling lo...meeting all those old school mates...

Some of them..never chg at all...still like monkeys..still running ere n there....n being uncivilized =p

Some of them...really realli grown n bcome more mature...pak toh geh pak toh...sai meng geh sai ger n yenn J & J..walao gin ga zheong (meet parents) summo.. =p ( the party was like a wedding dinner btw =p)

n all of us...every single of us..had different different life experiences after we left the some in school....though all of us had our own way to go, but when we gather together, we still act like kids, the feeling was like....we jz left the school yesterday =p ( kua zheong kua zheong...)

Anyway!!!!!People~~!!!! gahyao in chasing the best thing u wan in ur life!!!!! =)

*CHiann..i miss u..where r u la....*

(oh ya!!!may s going to taiwan during CNY...hehe..8th to 14th!!! Will update when i come back lo~~~~~)