Wednesday, January 14, 2009


人生, 总有很多的遗憾...和不解...

有的人不甘平凡,决定要到外面闯一闯,但到头来,一无所有,觉得很像一生飘飘荡荡,后悔当初不脚踏实地, 不实实在在的做一些有成就感的事情。


二十岁的我, 到底是要不甘平凡,还是... ...平凡其实就是一种不平凡??


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Alamak, moody-nyer. i know i can cry anytime now. Tears were like prepared to roll down.

Ok, i know what i said sounded almost impossible. But i thought if we have the determination and work towards the plan, why not? Unless... u don even like the whole idea. Unless, it had never crossed ur mind on all these and whatever i said was like...a child tat is daydreaming and craving for something sooo fantasy.

ok,i am just being childish.


Monday, January 5, 2009

2009. I am 20, in year 09. Oh my god. I couldnt really belieeve i am turning 20 already. Have i been wasting time or what? The new journey is just about to start... but i am just stilll being lazy..n... i don feelike it s a brand new year already? Alamakkkk..........

Moreover, the new year resolution list is just soooo long. I have soooo many things that i wan to do, or wan to get it done by this year. This is considered a "transition" year for me as i will be finishing my diploma real soon, n it s still a mist on where will i be going next, what s my next step, or whatever. Anyway, i always hope to step out of my normal life n experience something different. Ok, mayb not this year laa. Or maybe...maybe..maybe..maybe..... ... ... ...haihz. No idea laa.

OK laa ok laa.. i know i keep nagging n nagging.. u jz couldnt stand it n wan to ask me, "WHEN U WANNA TALK ABOUT UR HK TRIP LA?" hahahaha..this is called...saspens.. =p

(hopefully tomorrow laa~~)

oh ya, take about 30seconds to observe the column of "children of the world" on the right hand side. I am sure, you will find a smile on ur face n chilled up by them =)


Friday, January 2, 2009


hahaha..finally have some time sitting infront of the laptop n type something..

huhu...back from HK..really really a lot of sweet memories and my tongue relli had a wonderful tasteful round of food hahaa... hopefully will blog about it relli soon!!! (massive photos, and MUCH MUCH thing to write..until dono what to write =p)

n.. happy 2009 people!! sorry la.. i know my blog is a bit dull..but after im back from HK, something bad happened... then also busy with CNY shoppings.. no time to decorate my blog..will really do something about it when im free!! heading especially!!!

Ok la.. many things to do now.. needa settle many things b4 starting back college life!!!

Happy new year once again!!! ^^ Hopefully all the bad luck and bad thinggs are gone together with mr.2008, n lets celebrate and hopefully many good things are going to happen in 2009!!! Challenges awaiting!!