Friday, November 23, 2007

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time..they were like this...

n now....they sticked with each this. =p ( sorry la..don have ur couple pic..jz imagine ok =p hahahaha..)

N of doubt.we sticked with each other liddat..everyday.I mean..yea.everyday.

SOOOOOOO sweet!! ( while looking all the pics..think of our memories..laughters..n hav all the pictures in our mind..pui hepp the song hui dao guo qu....)

Sometimes..most of the time..we have nth better to do..but..haha..

laugh at ppl's school bag..

n ashame of herself. =p

Scolding n being scolded at the back of the class..

and either scolded or being scolded..they walked away, laughing. =)

However!! Don kan bu qi wo men..besides mou liu...we still do lotsa meaningful activities...

U may see lot different activites going..but..really got ppl studying ga!! can c?? =p

Perfect picture. =) Not acting ok! relli studying.. ^^

School life. school uniforms. Teachers as frens..frens as teachers. Guiding and etaching each other, learning together.

But..most of the time..still doing mou liu thing la =p =) The real form5 life in SAB..hahaha...

Disturbing ppl and making ppl angry were his favorite past time. =) Son..i miss being disturbed by u. =) [WAH!! BIG pimple on my nose..can c ma?? =p]

n oso..sing sou yiu ppl..haha..the place u used to knee on n tok with us..secrets..gossips..laugh at ppl... =)

N our level of mou liu-ness..can be clearly shown here =p one MAN in the lab..enough to drive us crazy =p ai mei.. =.="

may do...

chiann do.. =)

Happiness..undescribable.. =)

n u c this fella...laugh till puk gai..u say he happy onot?? =p

N..mou liu-ness continues... =p everywhere..taken randomly..taken secretly..capturing every moment.. HAIH!! y didnt i capture more???? >.<''

Whoa..really big..head. =p

Afiq hensem..was his slogan..

Whoa..good view =p taken during shahbudin's class..dai dam rite?? =p

wu nai 1...

wu nai 2..

Wu nai until zi bei...

Zi bei..then go n sleep =p hahaha..

huh..panasnyer.. =p (yet ah, u very funny =p)

N by seeing how high i roll my sleeves up..u noe how hot it was =p

N chosen as the mouliuest photo of all..haha..giv a big clap..........

hahahahahahaha...dono wut to say....

And finally............................ 5KAMIL. =)

A picture says a thousand words....haha.hmm..huh. so nice. lol. n So pls many words are there in this post =p

[I miss u all..i miss the time spent with all of u..i miss school life..after 1 year leaving the school.]
=love, maymay=

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So hoping waiting ahead..but...ended up..a mess.


Purse.............failed to buy. Midvalley The

Nando's........the awaited-for-so-long-nice-sweet-romantic-happy-lunch...failed. 1/2 of 1/4..wasted. 1/2 of side dishes..wasted.

Movie...........failed. Eyes stay on, but heart n mind n dono where. RM14..wasted.

Failure..caused by me.

=nomood, maymay=

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rain + Sun.


....................happens when....

two kinds of weather.....

decide to.....

celebrate together. =)



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to the Past.Feelings.

Faster faster!!now very got mood..must write down the feeling.. =p

Currently...having a very weird feeling. I dono. Listening to the song back to the past..a lot of feelings in my my soul..n running all over my my ear..i hear the past..all the old my eyes...tears start to fill my eyes..
hands staart to be shaky..and when the visual has been blurred by the tears..evervythin in the world..seems to be a none.

I love this song..very very much.the song u listening rite now. but sometimes..i m jz too afraid to listen to it. it makes me think..and makes me think..of the past.

regretness has all gone...but wut is being the motivation and most importantly a great life lesson..tat i love..n be loved..

Not to be back to the past.never., enjoy my life rite now. =)


Monday, November 19, 2007

Bomb attacks.

hahahaha...err..feel weird?? when bomb attacks, why do i still feel so epy?? insane ah??

hehehe..nonono..bcoz this is my 1st ever bomb..wakaka..n 1st ever red bomb!!!!

eh so proud rite?? c my chinese name (if u dono how to read chinese words..i assure u s my chinese name written there..i don lie 1.. =p) written on the wedding invitation!!! wakaka..though may needa dai chutt blood..hahaha..but never parents will pay for me geh..hahahaha...

nice!!! n sincerely wishing yen n her husband live happily till forever... ^^

who s the next to gimme?? =p


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Children. love.

Do u know tat...children always learn what they live?

If children live with criticism..they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility..they learn to fight.
If children live with ridicule..they learn to be shy.
If children live with shame..they learn to feel guilty.

It is us..the adults..who hav the responsibility to provide them the positive environment.....

If children live with tolerance..they learn to be patient!
If children live with encourgaement..they learn confidence!
If children live with fairness..they learn justice!
If children live with security ( which doesnt hav in our society now)..they learn to have faith.
If children live with acceptance and friendship..they learn to find love, in the
world. =)

By, Dorothy Law Nolte

=love, maymay=

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bro, good luck.

After 3days of suffering sickness n assignments due..i finally can rest down n write a short blog here. ( hehe, promise next one would be long n meaningful to all my secondary frens... ^^)

hmm..currently is a bit..nervous? coz my bro is going thru operation for his knee injury....

k honestly he doesnt look like nervous in this photo..haha..but i think he s jz trying to cover his worry!!

c c...summo got time wanna play with his gf..n wanna posing summo!!!!

Tomorrow..still got hope..........

hahahahhaa!!! good luck my bro!!!!

=love, maymay=