Sunday, June 8, 2008


owh halo people people!!!!

hehe as my title says, this blog has been quite downdated. haven been updating for long hehe. well was quite meaningful!!!!! i mean....meaningful as in......had so much fun n quite enjoy la hehehe.....

Chiann is back!!!!! but only get to see her for....thrice until now?? hehehe..nvm nvm....still have long time b4 she go back to russia!!!!!! wakaka....steam steam!!!!!k k!!!!! n lots more time spent with my precious friendss....hehe~~~

then......Johor aunty has come and memecahkan ketenangan rumah saya for 3days =p her 2 sons are some kind of..superactive... =p but very fun be with them!!! they are just cute n irresistible =p (u c photos oso will fall in love to my cutie leonard nard...)

cute leh cute leh!!!!! wakakakka..=p

tomorrow is another new day!!!!Continue my physiotherapy, n my backbone is curing!!!!!1 we can go cycle n skating n sunway lagoon sooooon =p

n college started again!!!!! owh a hectic one. summore an expensive 1. aiseh. now go subang 1 time must spend rm18.40 at leasttttt jz to travel there. aiyo. car pool, or else car pull!!!! >.<''