Friday, December 21, 2007


Holla people. Huh...jz came back from movie The Warlords..Well i would say i quite fond of this kind of movie!! it s very insightful n even now cant stop thinking of the movie... Much much of mao tunism!!!! hahahaha...highly recommended for those who love this kind of movie!!!!!

Oh, back to the topic. Today is the first day staying at home after my exam, haha.. n finally have time to sit back n read all my frens' blog..suddenly feel tat..yea..different people blog for different reasons...n all these blogs review their personalities, their views of life, n even their feelings..oh ya, n their english lvl =p [like me..i noe it s very very bad... =p]

1. ok,the most common 1 is tat people blog about their daily lives. They talk about anythin that they feel funny, or somewhat they are upset with things that are happening around them..or they just feelike having a blog to let their frens noe about every single lil thing in their life....

Hmm...sebagai contohnyer of coz is Roger's lo..hahaha..relli relli very his current life..everytime read his blog is like knowing his daily life already.. =p
Another more sophisticated 1 is Blin's!!! hahaha..she s talking about her life..her hobbies...n everythin!! hehehe..From her blog, can really c how good is her english =p

2. Next, some people blog bcoz they feel here is the most comfortable place to tell out the unspoken words. They feel down..they blog. They feel lonely..they blog. N in all these blogs, u can c words like what the heck, damn it, etc... =p to express their surface anger n the hidden..sadness n loneliness.

They r not satisfy with their lives rite now..or perhaps..they ve been living in the past...thinking of the memories..n get hurt...yea. it s jz....grey.
I do feel sad too when i read this kind of blogs, jz hope tat they can faster find the bright ways in their lives. Besides releasing the feeling inside the heaaart, hope tat they ll soon find the happy way of living instead of being despair.... Life s great people!!!!

3. next!! is the philosophical type! wakakaka..where these people have broader view in life..They c things in a different way or they r being analytic..telling things in another way. Well again, it s very insightful n somehow make me think in depth. hehe. nice kind!!!
Hmm..i think Vishul's 1 is in this category? hehehe..very nice blog oso!!! [Vishul, jz visited ur gf's s very philosophical too!! like it like it!!!]

4. Well..this type is the one i like the most..wakkaa..which is...the funny ones!!! make fun of the society..make fun of the words..make fun of the world..hehehehe..tats... VOON!!!! yay!!! [wei voon..nowadays not so frequent update liao wo...=p] When u r bad mood, u can definitely cheer urself a bit when read her blog...voon ah...ur humour level has been increasing drastically leh..hehehehe...

n the last one that i ve been supporting for very long time...huhu..JIM's!!! another blog come with zap ba lang (means campur campur la..=p) Talking about his life..sometimes jz being lovey dovey, sometimes jz few words but it s meaningful enough... n he s a pro-photographer!! relli relli love those pics he had taken..the love it...JIM!! keep it up!!!! ^^

ok..i think im being very cheong hei already..hahahaha..

Finally..of coz the only maymay's blog..hahahahhaa...sai meng ere sai meng there..laughing for no reason..n make fun of photos...make fun of myself...BUT!! sometimes 360 chg...very sad la...very down la..hehehe... =p

But!!!i love my blog ok!!! n i know someone jz drop by ere...everyday.. ^^ n blog for this reason is more than enough!!! ^^

n...having a blog n updating frequently...has bcome part of the bloggers' lives... n it s relli relli pleasurable =)

=love-blogging-maymay= (but lazy sometimes =p)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


When this



Become this...




And this......




Become this....


U know that...






how idea-less m i to blog =p hahahahahaa~~~ za dou za dou!!!! Nice food in wong kok!!! ^^


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


After Mid Valley Megamall...

After The Gardens...

After Jusco...

After The Curve..

After Ikano..

After I-utama new wing n old wing... ( =.=)

After seeing for dono how many different types colors brands of purse....

After walking in n out for dono how many hundreds of stalls....

After being bei giok mui n bei giok lou for few days...


hahahahaha..i found my purse at
Times Square Metrojaya!! huhu!!! yay!! wuahahahaha!! so excited!!! =p


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Love. Relationships.

Hallo people. Well, sometimes i jz feel myself very amazing, that i can always do multi-task =p hahahahaha...
Which, ok..mayb alot of people can do tat also. But today i felt like the amazingness has been increased that, i can talk with two people on their love relationship/dillemma, one on fone, one on msn. hahahhaaa...n u ll find me even more amazing when:

On fone, im talking with someone with broken heart. He had jz broken up with his gf..and i totally understand the unwillingness on him to give up..From every word that he said, i noe how much he had been loving her n he is still loving her so deeply..Every sacrifice he had made to build up the close bond, every closer steps n increase of love that both of them had are things that he could never let go. Memories conquer his mind, that makes his life..tough. relli tough. He pretended to be normal, yet he was so vulnerable.

"So far..yet so near." They were once the closest, n now..they seperated, they quit from each other's life...n live their own lives. =(

He is learning to give up, learning to live a new life, learning to stand strong on his own [with all the supports from family, frens, n me =)]

While someone is trying to remain himself in the past....there s someone..who s looking forward to the future...........

On the other side, im chatting with a guy that has his heartbeat keep increasing when they are getting closer..each day. He is starting a new relationship, n they are searching for their similiarities in everythin, they are trying to build up the attachment, they devote all their time to understand each other more..they re getting in love.. =) However, problems arise before the relationship get officially started, haha, where the guy doubt himself, how can he change his target so fast? Question like " i really like her but how could i change from A to B so fast??" [it s like he never started with the A n now he falls for B.. =)] n oso, ''M i trustworthy n does she trust me when i cant even trust myself?"

haha..anxiety...the feeling of going to fall in love..but not yet..hahaha..the waiting-for-her-to-on9.. =p

He is now waiting time to come...haha..coz i believe that 2people who have mutual feelings...can get together..when the time comes...=) He is too, learning to hav a brand new life, where to fit her into all parts of his life, from two..become one.. =)

SO u c! this is 2 typical types of love dillemma that everyone need to experience in their life. There is no need to fear for the 1st one n wanting for the last one, because it s always a cycle, jz a round circle.

N of coz...i m so glad that..hahahah.. (ready to sai meng.. =p) im not in any stage of them!! of coz..climax la..hahahah..loving happily n worries..jz enjoy..n seek more happiness n memories everyday... =)


Sunday, December 9, 2007


Holla people. hehe.

A big big big good news...hahaha..completed another semester. ^^ 4 more to go!! yay!!!

But..good news must always come with some bad news..haih..gonna suffer for coming exam week lo!! summo woonwai not ere to support me... =( nvm!! will gahyao gahyao gahyao!!!!!!

She miss u. >.<''

(My hair so funny rite =p hahahaha...)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

College life.

People always do wonder, wut do i normally do in college?

Early Childhood Education? what do u learn? the different types of diapers? how to chang diapers? or how to handle diaper with buu buu. =p

hahahahaha...basically...wut i do in nth much different from u. yes u, roger. =p

hahahaha..i wonder y m i always caught sleeping in the class. n nice to sleep!!!! =p

times when im not sleeping? hahahaha..of coz..doing mou liu stuff..

yay~~~ cool man!! hahahaha..

speechless =.= wakakaka...

wei wei!! don misunderstood me!!! Sometimes i got study seriously s jz tat..aiks. u c. the envirnomental influence. =p

hehehehe!!! teachers!! Wake Up!!! =p


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Update update!!!

c c..somebody is teasing me for not updating already..hehehe.. don worry here m i!!! =p

well well..lemme explain myself..y i have not been updating for such a long time? i have good reasons me.. =p lazy. =p

secondly...i have ideas. But..i have no time.
(elaborate pls....)

okok. i have no time..because..i have been busy pak toh-ing. hahahahaha..okok!! don sai meng..later kaili scold.. =p

seriously..i have no time..bcoz of assignments n exams are all dueing n around the corner!!! i have been going to college almost everyday..n come back home already like a die cat..hehehe..

(days tat no college?)
of coz..pak toh. =p hahahahahah..okok!!! i shut up.. =p

so i have been pak toh-ing n pak toh-ing...happily n sweetily.. ^^ (=.=")

(tat s ur update? so mou liu...)

ok!! lemme tok about somethin meaningful...

evevrybody must watch enchanted ok!! it s such a great movie..hehehe..hillarious..n...fairy tale!!! i love fairy tale!!!! (happily ever after... ^^) but not the ending ok. huh. i dono y the ending is so weird =S

hmm..wut else!! oh!! went to Yen's wedding...owh..such a lovely nite for her n her husband..hehehe..n of coz..a crazy nite for us!! we take photos n take photos....we shouted 'yemm sing' like crazy..hehehe..we make noises..u noe la.... this is the 1st time i attended fren...fren leh!!! hahahahaha..

sweet!!! ^^

hehe...i have a happy family.. ^^

hmm...darling wai (not kamwai =p) went to thailand already..hmmm..wish darling all the best for ur game!!! must la.. =p banggakan negara!! banggakan maymay!!!! hehehehe...
malaysia boleh!!! woonwai boleh!!!! ^^