Monday, October 20, 2008


year. 12months. 52weeks. 366days. 8784 hours. 527040 minutes. 31622400 seconds. Being in love with you. =)

11/10/08 was a great day for wai~may. =) We totally dissolved into our 2-people world, all the sweetest happiest surprisest warmest happened in just a day, a significant day to be remmebered to mark our 1st year love journey.

From the slides, u see we were at a totally natural environment to celebrate our anniversary ^^ huhu...ok roger don say we are copy cats... my bf was the one decide and plan to go to taman pertanian la..hehehe..but it was really a great place to go for photo shooting!! we took relli relli a lot of photos!! The scenery there was not anything special, it s just natural, and very very relaxing when we were there. =)We had great times in the taman riding our bicycles here and there,very excited when riding down hills, but my legs suffered when needa ride up =p hehe. We spent time taking photos, laughing the "so-called" zoo =p, finding the birdges n flowers to take photos with, getting lost and finally decided to turn back to the main roads =p, and also rushing back when the rain in coming!!!! =p it was really really fun and sweet and it is all jotted into our love diary. =)

At night, we went dinner at tai thong imperial city and this is also the 1st time we had dinner in chinese restaurant for our special day. hehe. Of coz, the best part is at night which both of us prepared surprise for each other!!! ^^ It was really really really happy night that i couldnt stop smiling n saying thank u to my baby n hugging each other!!! ^^
However, wai said it should be kept private and a secret between both of us so i would not post anything about the surprises here wakakkaa..

Enjoy the slide~~!! ^^

=love, wai&may=

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Learning journal.

It has been some time since i updated my blog. Well, days were normal yet sweet, study was quite relax yet the subjects are tough. Life s been easy but a bit busy.Ok seriously, i also dono what am i talking. =p

With all the 6assignments going to due in the coming weeks, i have not fell the stress YET. i feel good of studying these 3subjects and the feeling of 'learning' finally is back. Overall, all the subjects are something new for me instead of all the dull subjects i had last semester. I enjoy the lectures which we laugh and laugh non-stop and also times when we seriously ponder the questions posted.

It is really meaningful when you learn children in the different perspective of this great woman, maria Montessori. SHe is a really intelligent woman and very very foresighting. Montessori Education has lasted for 101years, n even today it s still applicable to our society. I love the way she talk about children, and the way she speak FOR the children. She always put herself in the children's shoes, and VIEW their world in their perspectives. I have never feel as impressed of all the theorists i have learned. I particularly love the way she impose discipline in children, which is from the inner discipline instead of external discipline, that MOST OF US are being disciplined that way.

Any idea of what is external discipline? ok say..when u have a very easy-going and 'lem beh beh' lecturer...Will you be punctual for the class? BUT...if u have a very very strict and very very cheong hei and very very naggy lecturer...i am sure u will die die try to go to class on time...tat s what we call external discipline. =p er..another very direct example is when u see the external factor ---POLICE.. =p u don stop for every red lights..but u stop when u c police even it s only yellow light.. right? =p

But for inner discipline is which children they wan to be discipline by themselves. They are not called to be queit when they are working with the materials, but they just feel good when they have disciplines in their life. This is certainly very diffuclt which once i thought it s almoost impossible for the chidlren to do it, but after learning n reading more about Montessori, i know i can do it. Discipline is REALLY importaant in children in today's society as they are relli exposed to a lot external bad influences, with their own initiatives that they WANT to be that way.

Ok la, actually i have very much to say n many opinions about Montessori. I will really learn about this method n of coz, next time will teach my children by that way, which involves a lot of respect and dignity to the young children. Eh, children are human also ok, they also have self-esteem and dignity. So, stop scolding your children today like mad and ABLE TO CONTROL them by SCOLDING and YELLING is really not something great or something to be proud of.

=kindofseriouspost=p, maymay=

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It makes me up.


I love today. really. =)