Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Conflict.

Hi Mae Fong!!! i know u r reading...=p wakakaka..

k la..Mae fong is my lecturer..must hi her 1st..then only..holla people!!! wakaka..
(ok seriously, this is kinda a post for my assignment, so don bother to read if u r not interested in this preschool thingee... =p)

ok, to be very honest to Mae Fong, today is the due date of this blog thingee. but seriously n honestly, i couldnt think of anythin interesting to be blogged ere..but FINALLY..ahahaha..after referring back to the study guide that u have given..yeah!! could think of sumthin!!! wakaka...

The thinking started from the conversation with Jacklyn today when we were stucked in this super jam kajang. huh. =.=" Jacklyn was telling me about the pressure and stress she has got from her kindergarten.

well..when she told me about this, i felt the same kind of feelings that she has. THe experience of working in kindy last time. s not about the kids. The kids are cute, they are innocent. It s about the principal, and the parents, n about myself.

Sometimes i jz feel sick of them when they just loveee to give pressure to the children. For them, learning is about homework. n homework, worksheets, textbooks, alot of exercise books, are the only ways to learning.

N bcoz of their own beliefssss, i m being pushed. The pressure and the stress, came from the center of my heart.

When Cony rosaline n doreen (my last time lecturers) keep telling me in the class to encourage PLAY n implement learning thru play in the classroom, don give worksheets, evidences from the theorists, well, it s all useless. nt the boss. =.=" Im working for people, i m not in the plce to say i donwan to giv worksheets, bcoz if i do so, i ll be reprimanded n worxst, fired. =p


owh..pening pening........=.="

well..i don blame those parents who have no knowledge on this, but even my principal, who has got this diploma from UM, she is like. haih. inappropriate!!!inappropriate!!!only go for money!!serve parents as customers but not the children!! Parents-centered!! wah!!!!

Perhaps for her, getting the diploma is jz another pathway for her t oearn more money. Everytime parents ask for more hw, then she ll ask us to give more hw. LIke..if don giv hw...means it s not doing our job. wei! u think wut!! im not a homework giver ok!!!!!

WEll, y do we needa give homework!!! research has proven that worksheets has got no effect on children's learning until primary!!!!!!!! to blame them?? when children go to attend primary school, they will be shoot with A LOT N ALOT N ALOT of homeworks even!!!!!!!!!1if we don start at preschool, how children gonna survive??? but but...but!!!! how to open up chn's mind jz by giving worksheetS?? they cannot be creative!! (like me), they are not trained in their living skills!!! (jz like me oso=p) they cannot think out of the box!! (jz like any malaysian who has gone thru Malaysia Education SYstem.)

well, so sorry to say. i havge gone thru it. n now, children are still, n keep going on, victimized. =p

haih. conflict conflict. when i worked tat time, i always feel that im not doing the right thing. When the children cannot finish their hw, i needa cut down those fun time like singing time, jz to sk them to complete the worksheets 1st. SOmehow..feel myself relli stupid. i became a homework giver. though we still have art n craft time, got this waater play time, s all a performance. Art n craft must b nice work....etc etc.

I noe it s not their fault for not doing it, or for those weaker ones, it s not their fault of not knowing how to do. It s my fault. Im not providing the right thing for them. n after 5months of keep doing the wrong thing..i surrendered. SOmetimes when i c those teachers in the kindy shouting at the children like crazy type, i relli c them as..nut. bcoz.....haih. i oso dono la. it s jz about conflict. it s about the whole system.

where has gone wrong? whos gonna fix it? when r we going to have like GOOD preschool education like other countries?

well, the mindset of everybody, i have no idea how to chg it.

The WHOLE education system that is so academic-based, wanna chg? not relli so ambitious.

y we like to be copy cat, but not in education?

pls la m'sians, open up ur mind, n ur eyes.

Education, is not jz about workshits ok. i mean, worksheets. =p

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wo Ai Taiwan!!! promised..i gonna post u some photos taken in Taiwan!!!

donwan fei wa la..yenn siong photos ba ^^ mou liu =p but cute though XD

Pagoda of Dragon and Tiger =s

hehe..nan yuan recreation park ^^ nice love shape...

Birthday stairs!! it s a 365staircases where all those orang ternama's birthdays are stated there!! very cool leh!!!
n noe wut? the stairs start from 31st december then all the way downnnn to 1st of January....Pity those born early la =p

hmm..disasters-earth quake~

eskimo may~ XD

huh..nice people.. =p

wah..very cool ride!!! cant imagine how it works?

from VERY far view..we started the ride from underground..then flyyyyy up to the right!!!! then backward!!!!!!!!ooo!!! pass thru underground then to the left up part!!!!!! (super super fast...XD)

yeh tan~ = lotsa natural rocks that form lotsa weird yet interesting shapes...

this looks like a queen's head rite?


owh..we love freedom... =p freedom square, named by ah bian =.="

n pics at:

1. the smallest island in the world that is named. (though i already forgotten the name=p)

2.with our pretty tourguide ^^ a very special restaurant!!! (5 jiao chuan ban~~)

So overall..7days 6nites, such a nice and very very funny trip going with my aunties!! hehehe..enjoy the weather.. (though sometimess tooooo cold =.=), enjoy the food ( but still love malaysian food =p miss nasi lemak much when i was there..=p), n love their culture the most. they relli love their country as in, when they say taiwan boleh, they really meant it.n i can really feel their unity and why people can be so successful in many fields.

Malaysia boleh....? (shh shh....isu isu sensitif yang tidak boleh diperkatakan...XD)

owh..i love taiwan...^^

=nice trip~~maymay....=


oo!!finally!!!my comp is fixed!!connection is back!!!

hehehe...thx to baby very very much wo =p this stupid maymay... ;)

ok! start my blogging again..wakaka...let s start with a..sunny one =p

sushi day (II)!!!!! ^^

wakakaka..nice leh!!!so colourful n arrange like a big flower leh... =p

found tat both of us have improved a lot in our chopping skills..n also make rice skills...everythin la!!! satisfied with our sushi yummy yummy ^^

sweet2 sushi si fu-s =p

can do bussiness onot? 1piece rm0.50? =p hehehe.....wah..sitt bunn... =p

(chiann..keep thinking of the scenes last time when we do sushi together..when u come back we do together again ok ^^ with ur family oso ^^)

=yummy, maymay...=

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Spy.

Soooo cute!!! ^^

Sunday, March 23, 2008


!!!!Surprise ppl!!! im erre!!! hhahahahaa....well months, no update. so..where should i start?

hehe...perhaps should start back with a very to another welcoming blog...n start my blogging life all over again??

wakakaka...been reading thru blogs tat i haven been reading for like 1 or 2 weeks.. ( pc going to be fixed by this wednesday ok ppl...... =p ) haha! n i found i have been tagged! it s quite interesting n can b used to

( u'll noe wut i mean =p) , so let s get it started. ^^

The Rules:-
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Random fact #1:
Well firstly...i always hope to update my blog frequently but there are jz too many unforseen circumstances. =p hahahaha..such as pc broken la....then ah myblogging mood broken oso la...n u noe wut? nth to post can b an excuse...yet too many things to blog oso can b a reason for not blogging!!!!!! hahahahaha..k la...jz joking ok..i hope i ll get back my pc on soon then i ll be frequently updating...

i thinki have been a complaining a lotlately that....i feel tat there are lotsa things tat im not satisfied with (though oso a lot tat i m very very satisfied with oso =p)

-college internship causes a lot of conflicts between me n colleagues

-dissatisfaction over the poor lecturers, so poor in dealing with us.

-conflicts n arguments with my siblings, tat relli relli affect my mood n my day...

Random fact #3:
i indulge myself in watching n analysing people. hehe. i love sitting in the middle of the crowd, n look at every single person tat passes by me. then looking this aunty from the the toes..haha! or y tat uncle shorter than tat aunty....or the guy has longer hair than the girl s fun jz to analysis n imgaine their lives...... =p abit bintai meh? =p

i have courage in one sense but not in another sense. =p
well well..i always the 1st to walk onto the stage to do presentation in the college...or always the 1st to challenge somethin new or adventourous without fear in myself...or jz being like very brave to be the one to go to confront to the lecturer when wanna chut tou (keluar kepala =p)

but....i m always being shy n takut takut in front of.....hehehe....hehehe.... my bf's parents =p

Random fact #5:
i hate people to be late when date with me, but im always late. =p ( always late but worth the wait... =p)
Girl's priority ok.. =p

Random fact #6:
i love wearing shirts with some cutie n sometimes annoying n meant phrases!!! =p

-always late but worth the wait- ;)

-i am not as easy as i look- XD

(then how difficult could i be? =p)

-to sleep is to rest, to love is the best^^-

(sai hai sin... =p)

-treat me like an angel n i ll be ur devil....- XD

(so true of describing me =p)

-tender love n care makes life worth living-

( conbine the red letters.. ^^)

etc funky huh? =p

owh, i always treat my handphone like my 2nd bf. =p even have a post purposely on tat!! anyway..i have a new 2nd bf this new hp bcum 2nd bf......then the old 1 bcum 3rd bf lo...but i always loyal to my 1st bf la.....hahahahaha..... (satisfied? =p)

Random fact #8:
life is simple for me,as the only principal i suppose...for everybody s life is jz to search for happiness.

we everyday work hard for s jz a pathway to happiness....

we study n build up the s also another pathway to more happiness.

we always wish for a peaceful world....for peaceful brings happiness..

when there is love..there is always hope n happiness....

n if sad things happen to jz happened for u to realiz how wonderful it is when u could find ur happiness later.. ^^
(it s not happy-go-lucky or s jz an attitude tat everyone should have towards life ok...though it s difficult to have this kind of attitude.. =.=")

so that s all la!!! so have u got a deeper understanding on me already leh?? though some facts are relli relli random... =p

Lastly.....Tagging 8persons..hmm...scratching my head....
1. voon voon
2. roger
3.Ernest Chong
4.wee wee
7.Jun Yet ( have u done it b4?)

=hope-i-ll-update-frequently, maymay^^=