Tuesday, December 23, 2008


yay!! it s all packed!! hehe..finally..the day has come. i will be flying off to HK in less than 24hours!! hehehe... THough i will miss several parties here(melissa's christmas party..family's christmas party...JB aunty coming down..n primary frens gathering!!!). But... ...it's ok laa. We shall have more parties when i'm back k? =p

Merry Christmas people!! ^^ Merrily Merrily... ^^

=superspider"bad"woman, maymay=p

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i am so upset now because i took 100 over photos yesterday n it s all super low quality. y?? because it was set only at 1 MEGA PIXEL!!!!

totally pissed with whoever who set it at 1mp. it s so stupid rite?? using a digital camera n the phootos captured are..puik!!!!! n i m stupid too!! y didnt i check!!!!!!!

ok whatever. i ll take 1000 over photos in hk with at least 8MP. (which is the maximum of the camera =p)


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Everytime when exams are over, it s like a dream that came true. I noe there are always many nightmares before u could have a beautiful dream. But, who cares?

Life is just soooo beautiful when it s stress-free.
HAHA. GREAT days ahead!!! ^^

=excited, maymay=

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100th. =)


近来有不少朋友与男友/女友传来分手的消息,再加上看了很多张小娴的分手与爱的散文,那天分手的情景,又一直不断出现在我的脑海中;开始有点,‘回味’ 分手的滋味。



"我... ...可以抱你吗?就当是道别的拥抱可以吗??"


但一瞬间,就是那一秒,不晓得是那里来的勇气与残酷无情... ...

‘对不起,我真的没办法... ... ...’ 然后转身,就走了。

真的很像电影情节吧? 哈哈... ...但原来所谓人生如戏,戏如人生,也真的不是骗你的。


如果没有狠下心肠,我们还会在一起吗? 如果还在一起,我们又会再分手吗? 等等等等,永远没有答案的笨问题。

当然这一份遗憾,现在也是一种很神奇的动力,不断教我怎样去维持现在这一段感情,学会了爱情是两个人的付出,是两个人的互相迁就,是两个人的化学作用;在这段感情路上,虽然说不上是一帆风顺,但是还算说得过去啦。hehehe.. =p 说起来,还得感谢上一段感情的刻骨铭心,换来现在"比较" 成熟的我, 不会胡乱发脾气,或是说一些不该说的话.


=love, maymay=

Sunday, December 14, 2008

10 years ago.

1.20am in the morning. Today feel a lil bit special as Saturdays should be outing day for me n babywai. But since im in the exam mode, decide to come back home and study. Study, at least a lil bit. But too bad..i didn’t even know where is my notes. Fine.

I’m currently falling in love in Jay’s new songs!! And one of the song… reminded me of my childhood years in the primary.

Huh. 10 years ago. Seemed very long time ago.

10 years ago, I was only standard 3. I remembered i was still staying in my previous house. I remember I took school bus to the school. I remember I loved going to the stupid grass-less field in the school and run n run n run. Or going to the shading place to tanam the stones for no reason [ normally, I closed my eyes and make a wish after tanam-ing. N the naïve me always went back to the place to search for the stone. Haha. =) ]

Or playing pepsi-cola.. or playing the jumping ropes. and many many other FUN games tat may not require single cent. Oh ya!! I remember I bring handkerchief to schoo everydayl! Haha, u noe those printed with hello kitty or winnie the pooh haha. It was so cool! N it was just so convenient with the handkerchief inside the pocket. When u sweat a lot, (we never had air-cond in the whole school except the library, teacher’s restroom, and comp lab lah~) just take out the handkerchief n wipe wipe wipe…I remember the handkerchief is always WET. Hehe.

Anyway, I don think I would ever think to bring tat very-cheap-and-very-funny handkerchief to anywhere, anymore.

Life was so simple 10 years back. Go to school, come back from school, dinner, do homework. Tat’s it. I couldn’t recall whether did I enjoy my life at tat time, but definitely, it was so simple.

At tat time, 10homeworks per day was like… AH!! I got 10homeworks today!!! So many things to do!! But after 1hour plus, finished. Haha. Then will be very happy, go to the bed there to memorize the spellings for tomorrow, then sleep lu.

I wished to have 10homeworks like last time compared to 1ASSIGNMENT today. Haha. I wished to go to the field and to tanam stones again [anyway, the field is no longer there. the land is used to build a multi-purpose hall. =(] I wished to get back the handkerchiefs tat I used to bring to school. I wished that I kept my Garfield watch which I wore it for 3 years.

Ah. It’s beautiful.

N now, I feelike it s a picture with thousand memories inside. It’s so far away.

10 years ago, I was only 9years old.

10 years later, I will be 29 years old. Haha. N i might also be sitting in front of the laptop n talk about 10 years ago, like today. =)

=filled with nostalgia, maymay=

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exam Mode.

Holla people.

I had just done my Montessori paper, both practical n written. Honestly, i was disappointed. I tot i studied well, i should have done it better. And i did it quite badly.

I dono why i was so disappointed. Perhaps i had put a lot effort in understanding every area n read a lot and i loved the whole thing about Montessori. After all, when it comes to writing, i couldnt explain myself. Well, it was just 3months of studying a 16months thingee. I guess i didnt know the approach in depth n tats y it was so hard to put them in words.

Ok la. As i told my fren, the process was far more important. I learnt a lot and from zero, at least now maybe... i know 2/10 of Mont Approach?

Ganbate may. 2 more papers to go.

11days more to go. ;)

=gahyao, maymay...=