Friday, May 23, 2008



Halo people..k just a random meaningless post
Actually, i have so many things to say. so many things to tell about. so many pictures to be posted up.So many ideas in my mind.

i wan to talk about the disasters happened in Sizhuan. I wan to talk about the course that im taking, special needs children in our country ,that how their rights have been neglected IN our country. i wan to post up photos of us went on crazy for whole nite in kaili's house. i wan to talk about my backbone that s injured n im on-going physiotherapy now. i wan to talk about the coming actiivty, Relay For Life. n i wan to tell some hidden words to some of my friends that have lost contact with me for so long.

i have so many things to blog!!!!!!!!!!!

but yet...haih. the pain of my backbone has coz me down for these few days n i don feelike doing anythin, but only to sleep, to sit, to jz play with my abacus again n agan n again in front of the table, don even wan to move. don even wan to think.

Anyway..i hope the pain will soon go away n have back my normal life....

may god bless me.


Friday, May 16, 2008


holla people. time flies, huh it s another friday again.

Friday, is always a challenging day for me to teach two classes of kindergarten arithmetic class. n today..failed.

The morning class students are getting bored of my class. They are not even concentrating, n i feelike im forcing them to do all the counting. 2 students have left the class. n i guess, soon there will be even more students to leave. Though the classes were boring, but i guess they love me quite much =p the boy students keep kissing me today..hahahaha..sweat.. -.- but sweet... =p but..haih. dono how to help the class. No progress. n it s so hard to teach especially having 3 different level of students in a class.

Fortunately, the afternoon class students still have the passion and interest to learn hehe. mayb they are all new and fresh n most importantly, they are all at the almost same level, so i can manage the calss well n teach them step by step. i think they enjoy the calss, n so m i ^^

Haih. still, sett bai!!!!

holiday has almost come to an end, nx week will be my fifth semester. a busy semester it will be. Feel tat i had an empty hole-ly-day. jz that the best event is can go to PD with my dear. ^^ n tml's potluck!!!!!!!!!! looking forward n soooooo cant wait hehe. ^^


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PD!!!! ^^

wow wow wow people. The header picture nice onot?? buahahaha...i feel myself so pro tat, i took the picture, actually in the picture!!!! hehehehe...geng geng!!~!!! =p =p =p

n here are more photos that are taken => PD trip~!!!! ^^ (btw, yesterday relli sunny =p)

b4 eat nasi lemak.. =p who s taking photo for us?? =p =p n yeap!! the camera stood by itself!!! =p

wah...the pose of future-still-got-hope...=p

lonley man =p my man ^^

sand-built breast cancer =p choi choi.. =p

cooool!! ^^

n after showering, we went to another stop to pak toh king kai lo. hehe.



Sunday, May 11, 2008


k la people..don scold me on the previous post ok. though it s quite obvious tat i dono wut to blog.

n while the celebration of mother's day..i got an idea!!! hehe..

happy mother's day to every mother!!!!!

ok, a short story. while i was teaching arithmetic today, a student jz popped a question tat makes me feel shocked at 1st, n then sweet into the heart, until now.

ZJ: Teacher teacher, do u have children?

Teacher May: (shocked, n acted to be angry) harh? teacher is not married yet! where got children?

ZJ: oh nola..i jz wanted to wish u HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....

hehe. pure heart, simple mind, with innocent faces. my children ^^

but...How many more years to go to be qualified as a real mum? =p

anyway,For now, happy mother's day foolili!!!!! =p u r the best!!!

=maymay... ^^=


yay!!! it s holiday!!




hmmm....I should tell u more after my holiday. =p

chao people!!! cal me out anytime!!! ^^


Monday, May 5, 2008

"cover" girl.


i think i love study so much.

After studying..i feel like empowered and very very knowledgeable.

I think i love reading lecture notes again n again also.

Everytime i read ah..i feel s a sense of LOVE and APPRECIATION towards my lecturer who had done this thick notes for me.

I think i even love exam.

wah...feel so good when i noe how to do and i feel the sense of competence n also the satisfaction after every exam.

wah!!! i am such a darnnn positive person.

Too bad.

2 more papers to go~~!!! XD