Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our valentine's day =)

ahaha, i was quite reluctant to update my blog anymore. but the 140209 was just too sweet that i couldnt stop myself from telling everybody here =p keke!! alamak....i know u all say i sai meng again.. but.. tell u was really a super sunny day!!!

hehe..hinted! we went to beach for our special valentine's day celebration..instead of going to an expensive restaurant for dinner...or instead of going for movie and receiving flowers.. =)

Thx baby for the planning n i didn't know anything until the moment we stepped into the car n he told me that we are heading to Morib beach! Then i was like,
"huh? it s already 5pm baby!! n we are still going to beach? People are leaving!"

"No s okay...i planned everything well!" said wai.

"But i don have any extra shirts or shorts!"

"Yes yes..u have!! i put it in the car already.."

"But.. i don have towel!!"

"Yes yes.. u have!! i pack everything for u already!!"

So..i couldnt give anymore reason therefore..we were there.. =) =) =)

The sun was our companion for that evening. We were watching it going off n it was really really romantic to have such valentine day. =)

This is our "plan" made with the sand. *hehe*

N... our present?? hehe.. he tried to make a flying lantern for me, which we can write all our wishes and love words onto it and let it fly into the air... but... it this.

Well, we shall try harder next time k!!! ^^ ^^ ^^

thx, baby wai. =)

=love is really in the air, may =)
Oh ya, im just quite curious that some people started to anti-valentine's day n scolded the day gao gao. People started saying that we shudnt celebrate Valentine's day n it s a stupid day where everything over-priced esp. flowers, or more specifically, roses. I dono what s wrong with people overpricing it, if u do not buy it. I don c any problem celebrating it because it was made a special day for everybody to show our care n love to our loved ones. n it was meant to be commercialised because tat s one of the way to boost everybody's business.
If we shudnt celebrate valentine's, then y mother's day? y father's day? y teacher's day? If you love ur dad n mum n teacher, everyday is dad n mum n teacher's day!!
Life is dull people, n why not we have more special days to boost our mood, to add a lil bit colours to our lifestory?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HI people!! surprise that i have some update here haha? =p

well wel..i don need to explain myself rite..cny is so damnnn many things to do!!! hehehe!!!

n hapy chinese new year people!! i noe the holiday has ended but still have a few days b4 chap goh mei!! hehehe..

ok..Anyway..i know i have neglected my blog for such a long fact i cant say i neglected my blog.. because i have never been consistent in updating HAHAHA.. after reading chiann's blog i feel a little bit guilty..i remember i was the one that ask her to blog.. n c now.. she is so semangat updating all the interesting events happened in Russia.. n yet..hhehee..

So, it's mignight now. I dono why i often have many thoughts in midnight. n i am now thinking of..a noun. SOmething that everybody likes. Money.

i dono why but i feel money is something wrong to be created. I noe money makes people feel powerful, makes us conveniently get whatever we want n the pride n proud and everything comes to you when u have money. And in contrast, when u do not have money, u have nothing. It's just tat simple.

The chain actually happens liddat. Firstly, when u have little bit money, u try to content yourself with basic needs. When u have more money, u buy urself some luxury items, u only want branded stuff, n u feel happy buying them, regardless whether worth it onot. People look u differently now, so you feel that ur status has changed because u have more money, n of coz, it won't stop here (it's just the beginning) of u wanting more n more money. WHen u have more n more money, u buy properties, u buy bungalows to stay, ferrari to drive... ...

People work for entire life, just to have more money (subsequently, more status, more pride, more"face") . Please don talk bullshit on ambitions, don talk bullshit on I WORK just to help people. No matter what, u need it to survive. Without money, don ever think of helping people, coz u can;t even help youself. Think about it, if u want to be doctor just to help people, then how can u become a doctor?? u need money, 1st. to complete from primary, secondary, tertiary. N then what else? After becoming a doctor, do u just want to go to HELP people without asking them to pay? No way, because u have invested to become a doctor, n u wan return. I believe there are people who really have sincere heart to help people out, but, 5% of all HUMAN BEINGS in the world?? It sounded a bit pathetic, but it s a fact.

After all.... ....Despite all the convenient that money could bring to us, there are so many problems arise from having money this thingee. I dono but always want to ask stupid questions like Why money?? why?? WHy can't everybody be poor n have no money? In fact why is no money is considered poor?? Who decides its value? What makes it so important? what could be the subtitue for money? how is the world like without money? will the world be a better place without money?

Aiseh. I know i am being stupid. But..MONEY. It is us human who created it, n it us, who struggle to get more n more of it just to have better life ( N could we just demolish it so that we ll have the best life?), n it is us who sometimes get very lost in the process of chasing for money. We forgot what was the main point of getting it, we forgot our own personality, our own life.

Stupid. But..who cares? Everybody is being stupid, n u jz couldnt get rid of it. haihzzzzz.

Anyway.. GONG HEI FATT CHOY people!! ( C, still about money =.= )