Saturday, January 19, 2008

IT?! (i)

Holla people. Obviously, a blog entry for my IT class purpose. =p yin sett =p s class was pretty good n interesting as we get t know the benefits or risks for children, using all the high tech thingy.

It s jz tat..i feel quite amazing for children like 4 to 6 years old to surf net? it s somethin incredible!!! 4 to 6 leh!!! but yea....the world is changing. CHIldren aged 4years old...sometimes he s jz very pro in typing but cant even control his finger movement to grab a pencil =S It s a bit horrible in my point of view, but mayb in the future,,perhaps children don even needa hold pencil? WOw...hahahaha... then how the world will be....

Technology is changing drastically everyday..n how much influences on our lil children..huh....i understand tat IT makes our life easier...benefits us..but smoehow bring bad influences too...but but.. but sometimes it s jz tat, i oni started to noe computer when i was in..Standard3?4? when there s computer class in the school..then bout 12 13 years old oni im allowed to use internet!!

so u c...i don think im very old la...hehe...jz few years back from my childhood.. -.- but such a big difference!!! children are now so computer savvy tat everytime my cousins or some small children come to my hosue..sure wanna turn on my computer..wanna play with games.....
Children i n my arithmetic class (bout 10 to 12 years old students la)..everyday when they come..they discuss about dota la whatever ta la..heck ere heck there...aiyo.... =.=

Whatever it is..i still feel it s a bit early for the young chidlren to be exposed to computers..1st bcoz is all about 2D w/o concrete experiences (which is not suitable for children)...2ndly it s alll about graphics! animation! Once they are being introduced, do they still have interest in story books? hmmm....issue issue... n how do parents or teachers can achieve the balance for the chidlren to have like time for outdoor acitivities when they are so addicted with the computer games, PS(ii), Wii play or TV?? hmm.....think think.. =p

haha..k la..if wanna say summo..there are too many things to say..don talk so far..back to today s tutorial where we were asked to blog =p haha, all the teachers blog leh =p n u noe wut? 43teachers blog together leh!! funny to read their entries...n i think the lecturer jz wan us to b a lil bit more computer savvy..learn about the IT thingy, so tat we can 1st learn how to use computer then oni can teach the children how to computer lo..rite??

hehehe...happy blogging people!! Welcome bloggers!!! ( HOpe u all don jz blog for this assignmnet purpose..hehehe..blogging is so fun!!! ^^)

=amazed, maymay =p=

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Teacher May!~~!!

Holla people. s lecture was so great n so hands-on hehe, made me think of the life i had been working as a kinder teacher =)...well..if anybody dono..jz for ur information, i had been working in this kinder since january'07 n i had stopped working since May' doubt..All the children's faces..the experiences of waking up at 7.00am =p..n lotsa great memories with them...still..vividly in my mind now.................


'' Baby i still yao mung cai kuai le..jiu suan wei lai blablabla....... ''

Don feel weird lar. it s the alarm signal of my fone. =p n..after it snooze for many many times...hahaha..about 7.20am, unreluctantly, this late-sleeper-very-lazy-teacher try to get up n do all the routines ( brush teeth, wash face, lotion, dress.. ) in 8minutes... ( XD proud summo =p ) Next, quickly run down for a quick breakfast ( I start work at 7.45!!!!! >.<'') n quickly wake my dad up n quickly go to lrt n quickly walk to kinder..wakaka. hmm, statistics hav shown tat..the rate of late to sch is....95% ba =p

However..once i reach the school..all the rushy thing..all the QUICK stuff will disappear in jz a few seconds when i c my marsya..lyna..kailun n mohyingji n en kee n shamimi n aiman...

Pretty marsya..i remmeber the hugs u given to me.. ^^


''Teacher may!!! Good morning Teacher may!!! Good morning cikgu may!!!'' The sweet voices came to me b4 i finished closing the gate..hehe. B4 i can greet them back, some even ran to me n gimme huggies... ^^ n without further thinking, i giv them back a smiling face.. ^^ hug them back n kiss them on their foreheads.

Sometimes if theere were too many children ran to me ( means i was really late coz all them had arrived b4 me.. =p ) then i would jz 'gimme 5!!!' to all them..haha..sweet leh!! lovable leh!! jealous not?? hahaha!!! get love from so many children..hehe. it s the sweetest moment in a day. all the sleepiness would jz gone like tat..n i noe tat, yes, today needa teach them more things, giv them more fun, let them feel happier. tat s the thing in my head running, till another bell rang.

hehe...lining up for assembly.. ^^


After the bell rang, al lthe children stopped their outdoor activities n gather for assembly. '

"Children r u ready?''

"I m ready!!!''

'' Good morning children...''

'' Good morning Teacher may, good morning teachers!!''

'' How r u children?''

'' I m fine, thank u!!''

'' Children wut day is today?''

'' Today is friday!!'' ( They love fridays, btw =p )'

K, shall we sing our good morning song? 1 2 3 go...''

cutie sofea... ^^

Haha...n then..they began to sing some songs...eng malay mandarin all campur2......n then, they would slowly go back to their classroom..n start the classs rite after they hand in all their hws...


In the P2 classroom. I always start off my class with a talking session, esp monday n tuesday..after their vacation with their families..haha. they ve really much thing to tell teacher, where they ve been, wut they did during weekends..their parents' promises to bring them to somewhere..their babies at home..siblings..everything. n its...eevrythin from 15children. lol. After 3minutes, the whole class would b like passar malam, n i would scream at them n say ''k! enough! we start class. =p ' ' ( so sou hing....... )

5 lil girls.. ^^


Classses are normal. Eng ma teach ma teach bm...maths ma teach maths lo... buahaha!! i dono how to describe lar..haha.. it s jz drill them some readings...flash cards to intrigued them though there s nth special but flash some mathematics..liddat oni.........

one of the best student.. farah fifi.. ^^ cute name hoh??

my 1st badge of students.. ^^ P2!!! ^^


Class ended.

''Lesson finish, let s us go home, goodbye teacher, goodbye classmates, good bye to u all..good bye to u all....''

The lesson finish song was sung in a mess..then all the children lined up..slowly walked down the stairs..wear their shoes..n ran to their guardians..then bye bye.....

4 years old classs...

Well, it sounded so ordinary rite?but.. u never noe, children hav a kind of special power tat adults don hav. really. U jz needa look at them n u would feel epy. U jz needa listen to their funny conversations n u would really laugh from ur heart. it s cute, n it s pure. no fakeness, no pretending, no pressure..

6 years old classs...

When i told my amanda puah tat im sick... she quickly put her hand on my forehead n say..

'' got lil bit hot oh..must drink more more water ah..''

sounded like my mum ya? haha!!!

my loveliest amanda puah....... ^^

n u noe wut? when my dong xuan came back to sch after being absent for 4days..During class time, all of a sudden..he said this to me...

'' Teacher may u noe ah..the time i sick at home ah..i miss u very much u noe...''

n u noe i felt it so deeply..his words were so powerful..n children never lie this kind of thing!! it s jz too.....omg, he gav me a feeling tat..i m important in his life!! ahahaha..the feeling s real real good. =)

The slow gang-tze ching n dong xuan..hehehe..lotsa patience~!~~!! but very epy to c their progress.. =)

Their cares..their s undescribable. u jz epy to b wif them, how sweet to tok with them, n how much love they shower me.... anyhow, i left my job after may. i needa work for my college under scholarship n..i gave up working there.


Perhaps, they already forgot who is teacher may..they will not even think of me, or...yea, they continue their lives as usual n i continue mine too. but..i will miss them a lot..relli. Love u all...... =)


Love is blind?!

Currently..may is quite tired. Jz came back from a long day in college. Fatigue, exhausted.

Worst summo. rcved A very very bad news from a friend..

After breaking up with the girl..he...he CARVED her name on his arm?!?!

I don't believe it. Please tell me u lie to me!!!

Or rather.....i don't want to believe it.

How could a person be such immature??DId u think of the consequences?! if u wanna rub it off then how pain would it be??

Dear fren, there are lotsa things awaiting you in the future. I might not be at any place to advise you or whatever. I jz hope tat somehow when the time goes by, u can stand up strong n get back to your normal life. There s no point n very very worthless to waste ur time n suffer the painfulness all by urself. I understand love is blind.....but no matter wut.....nth can chg the fact.

Life continues.

=wake up my fren... from maymay=

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Holla people.

Owh...seem long time never update already? well valid reason is college life has just started. overalll...yea everythin is jz the same...

The stupid lift still never chg..when i wanna go up...all the lifts coming down..when i wanna go down..all the lifts going up... =S

One week three days going to college!! huhu.,..then i ll have lotsa time to pak toh n oso exercise n enjoy.. =p

Well...this semester i ll have subjects like Maths for Young CHildren, Technology for young Children, Physical Education for Young Children n also Art n Craft for young children..all sounded quite fun rite? hehehe...but i feel quite disappointed when i get the subject outline..aiks..all oso alot theories...application n hands-on oni part of it......

Anyway, i was quite shock to rcv an assignment from the technology coourse. haha. We needa create n set up a blog!! good rite....i don need to do edi!! =p
It s jz tat..i still thinking wanna have a new blog for tat assignment..or jz use this 1..hahahaha...u noe la...ere got lot sensitive topics n too much of sai meng..hahahaha...if i jz wanna use this blog,n when u ppl c some very action or very....formal blog entries..u noe s just for assignment purpose... =p

=Study smart may may!!! >.<''=

miss my baby.. ^^

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A lesson.

Once upon a time ( er..i mean 2 months ago la =p) , there were 2 hamsters, named Peter and Jane. They were once siblings, but soon, they bcame couple =p

After a nite of thunders n storms =p they had 5children 1 shot =p haha! (ok..seems the story has been fast-forwarded...)

But yea, the story was relli too fast. n their lil lives...were gone so fast, too. After the nite Jane borned 5 of them out, this stupid Peter ate one of them!!! owh my goodness...Jane was relli relli angry n even pushed Peter away.

[Jane was very weak when she was Peter's sister. After she bcame a mother, she became tough n strong, protecting all her children from everythin tat wanna harm her children.. =) ]

After Peter was being seperated, we observed Jane n her children every day n nite. N Jane has relli touched our heart tat she had always showed the greatness of a mother. =) She tucked the babies underneath her stomach everynite when she sleep to give them warmness..she feed them n she relli relli, protect them.

HOwever, bad thing happened after 6days. B4 the babies can even turn themselves.B4 the babies can open their eyes.

Due to Jane s protection over her children, we couldnt actually do any cleaning to their house, n it was smelly. My mum didnt allow us to put them indoor, so....we put them at the balcony. was such a big wrong. WRONG!!!!

A stupid cat.....stupid evil cruel cat...tat had kept eye on them for many days already............brought them away from us. Even one baby survived. =(

A lesson for us. Hate cats, n never put our hamsters outside. Now...we oni have the orphan baby n Peter which was being kept indoor. We feel very sad, n of coz, sem tung. Trying very very hard to take care of the baby now...feed it..n trying to giv warmness like its mum always did... =(

Jane has always been the one tat we love the most. She was always gentle n cute, unlike Peter which is very ganas. Everytime when we 'visit' her, she will surely show some excitement, by doing some performances on the wheel =p haha..n we lvoe her so much, tat now we feel the pain when we lost her. Especially my sister, she treats them like her children. Haihz. Regretful!!!!!!!!!! >.<''

emptied. =( =( =(

The only baby... =( looks pitiful huh......

Baby: "i wan mama.... =("

Peter: "Where is my wife n my children..."

May Jane n your children rest in peace. =)

=love-my-dear-hamsters-and-hate-stupid-cat, maymay=

Friday, January 4, 2008

When Everythin is in a pair.

owh...sweet-nyer... =p

=rellirelliinlovemaymay... ^^=

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 >>> 2008 ( ii ).

Talking about the saddest thing of the year..of coz the experience of being robbed...haihz..don feelike talking about it...n it gave me a great life lesson tat im now very very careful n aware n alert anytime lo..... [n to eevryone...even if u don hav this experience..u must be very very careful coz the society is jz too horrible now... ]

n of coz...the most scary time to step into a new year...argh!!!! the fuel price!!! n every naik naik naik!!! Though my mum pays most of my expenses =p but i jz feel..aiks. the burden of the people is increasing..n of coz the crime statistics also showing a worrying rise...

How our society will be then? Everyday when flip thru the newspaper (especially chinese newspaper), the happening thing is the most horrible ones, all the violent crimes, rob cases, n a lotlot more............

N... seems tat the criminal is gettin smarter n smarter, having lot of weird n special n smart n new ways to attack n threat the innocent people??

Everyone is jz complaining, everyone is living in fear, everyone is being insecure. SO...who s gonna come out n do somethin in practical? HOw r we going to reduce the cases instead of jz preventing? [Is there any way btw?]

When somethin bad happened, ok for instance, like i was being robbed, i was the one being blamed? so wrong was i to park my car jz right beside my house n jz a 30seconds walking distance from my house, wasnt me???

When we wanna get into house, i suppose we r more like the thieves or like doing somethinhg wrong, bcoz we needa prepare everythin in hand.hold our handbags tightly..then runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..into our hosue, then faster close the gate. =S isnt it....ridiculous?

Grey grey..

Anyway...don la so down n think of negative things!!!!!HAIYA!! new year will be good…hopefully… =S


2007 >>> 2008.

Holla people~!!!! Happy new year!! hehehehe..

How did everyone celebrate their new year eve leh?? hmmm..i dono..but most of them..joining the crowd n scream n shout like crazy? had a great dinner n long chat with frens?? hehehe..or like me..spend time with bf n enjoy till the last second of 2007, n excitingly step into the 1st second of 2008 ^^ [thx wai, i relli relli had an enjoyable nite =) n i wanna be with u for every countdown for the coming years.. =)]

So..talking about the transition from 2007 to 2008..haha..perhaps i should review back everythin tat i had done in last year..

January: Decided to step into early childhood field. Made up my mind to be a teacher, n to be in education line =) [hey it s a very very big matter ok...the rest of my life leh!! =p]

Jan~May: Being a teacher in Tadika Sri Intelek. Gained lots experiences, n to with children n to teach them the right thing is the best thing to do in my life ^^

August: Quite a sad month where friend left me to somewhere to study...hmmm...miss u like crazy.. >.<''

October: (= in love =p

n the rest of the time...i mean nov~dec..hahaha...i was drunken with LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...hahahha

[okk..control myself... =p]

k la!! im jz too mouliu staying at home..wanna summarise everythin of was a good year for me ler...quite free ervryday... =p then..outings..outngs..outings...with family is very happy though hav some pressure n some financial problems..then...wut else? with frens definitely good..have a bunch of new frens in college.. =) then with secondary frens oso very good..n lastly to hav my dearest now =)

Finally..wish tat the coming year will be as good as this year...oh nono!!! should be better... ^^ A BETTER TOMORROW!!!!

=love, maymay=