Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My life has been too normal until i dono what to be posted here.

I feelike i have been insolating myself for such a long time. The places that i went for these few weeks were just home, 2nd home, college and kindergartens n my working centre. Isnt it pathetic?

Though there are some outings and alot sweet moments with hubby, some meaningful activities like going to foster home to play with bunch of kids and giving a talk in the study workshop, or even some shoppings and buying bags n dresses, but somehow... life s been dull for sometime.

Somehow, i envy my friends that are studying overseas. Seem that, and memang in fact, their lives there are filled with colours and im sure they are having great times there. Compared to me..my life is..haihz. so boring.

Anyhow! I shall not make any complain because my life is beautiful too! SImple life is something that a lot people cant get leh!!! I shall appreciate for what i have!

ok. enough la. Keke. In this kind of normal yet boring life..what can i crave for?

Friends friends, where are u people? I need some crazy laugh with you people. =)

Time ah time, couldnt u just move faster? I really really cant wait until our HK trip. =)

=bored, maymay=