Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After 14years of studying mathematics.........

After 10years of learning arithmetics...and one year of teaching arithmetics......

After 4months of taking this MATHEMATICS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN course........

Today, is wednesday.

3more days, is the exam day.

n....i do not even know how to define mathematics.

What is math la?

ask yourself this question, can u define?

after...............years of counting n counting for nothing n cracking ur head.


Sunday, April 27, 2008


After dono how many weeks, or months i have not updated my blog, finally today, i miss it so much. i mean..i miss the feeeling of blogging; of typing as i like; of...telling out whatever inside my heart.

SUddenly feel quite down. s the phobia of exam? or...b4-exam-hung-gui-jing?? =p haha.. i dono. jz feel..............worries and anxiety.

Thinking about the exams that i , or WE had during our secondary schools. wow, tonnes of books to study, bcoz we need to prepare for 10 subjects for everytime exam. ok, at least...7.or 8.

However, i guess i didnt feel as much pressure as now though im only taking 4 for this semester. I would say..the questions may not be as tricky as add math. not much memorizing part like bio. or not as tough as writing a2 bm essays.

But...sometimes i feel the pressure from myself. The pressure of aiming high, and wanting to achieve the highest.

So sen fu. especially for a subject..that i donno anythin. but tat s my subject..MY MATH!!!

i love math. but how can i dono anythin about math? stupid.

I really hope u read my blog. yes YOU. you ok??

You are so annoying. u r the WORST lecturer tat i have ever seen.

I m not talking her lecturing skill ok, coz she has no lecturing skill at all. That s fine for me. But...she has got SERIOUS SERIOUS ATTITUDE PROBLEm.

she discriminated us. she said that, CHINESE EDUCATED PEOPLE has got poorer english (SO SO SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! what s her right to make tat statement??? her english sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). n she simply give assignment mark 3.75/40 to a student without proper reason.

she is being soooooooo rude to us. can u ever imagine ur lecturer write the word ASSUME on the board n tell the whole class tat ASSUME means making an ASS out of U n ME? (ASS-U-ME)

as a lecturer, she is nottttttt helpful at alllllllllllll. she jz wan us to FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ask her to tell us what to focus for exam or jz a revision for the course, u noe wut she said????

u all have not been listening to my lecture all this while, now u all wan to escape via an easy way??? i don wan to spoon feed u all n u all SHOULD know what to study if u follow my lecture.

what the hell???????????????????????????

she is sooooooooooooooooooo.........damn shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

y i suddenly so angyr? coz......vivian provoked =p s jz tat.....i felt a sudden anger in me. when looking at her lecture notes, it s nth different from the paper in the waste paper basket. Yes, no content, meaningless, a mess. exactly.

Hopeless lecturer.

helpless student.


Monday, April 14, 2008


hallo people.

Was such a hectic hectic week. Finally, done 2presentations, which fall on the same day. Huh.

Math presentation. Wakaka a very funny n simply 1 hehe. n it was like when we went to the front of the class , only we decide, who is going to be the teacher, who is going to be the students n stuff. ( For ur info, we r doing micro-teaching, which means we going to "present" the teaching in the class.) bu very fun!!! coz i acted students for 2 times =p

IT presentation. wah very very nervous!!! coz as melissa said, we had a very high expectation to ourselves, n we were the first group to present!!!!!

but after all, i guess i did quite well. =) hehehe...feel myself getting more n more professional!!! ^^

n after 2weeks, exam.

well...have not been thinking about it much., n i relli wanna go for a holiday!!!!

hehehehe...halo halo finding people to go holiday together...

12th n 13th May....mon n tue....trip to anywhere...(but i suggest genting =p) hehehe...pls pls contact me if u r free... =p