Monday, March 30, 2009

Main-main & makan-makan!!!

Haha.. after all the studies, of coz, time to makan n main luu.hehe.

Missing moments in HK still!! (ugliest pic i could find for 3 of us HAHA)

well well, after my genting trip which i went there RIGHT after my exam, i might be going for tioman soon!! i wish i could really join the gang n have fun gao gao b4 my practicum starts!!!!

Oh ya, im planning for a year-end trip to Sabah, climbing mount kinabalu1!!!! OKok, i guess ur reaction will be 'huh? year end? now it's only april!!"

Yala yala. it s a bit early to think about year end trip, but i seriously want to plan it well n to book everything early.. so anyone interested? =)

=lovetravelling, may&wai=

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