Monday, March 30, 2009

New Life.

Finally, i am officially, done with my 26 subjects in DECE. haha. NO more lectures, no more going class 4pm, no more WORKING in college. Ops wait. 1 more to go, n is recognised to be the toughest, practical.

In lesss than 20 days (or 2days, haha), i will be going to a kinder named Tadika Seri Mawar to start my new life. I will needa commit into 240 working hours with this kindy, n also to document alll my experiences in this 240hours, which would appear to be as thick as ur dictionary. well well, though it might be tough, but i really couldnt wait to start my practicum!! It should be a damn-nice environment to work with, with all the developmentally appropriate practices and the very friendly principal. Well, should be. Many times it would not be the same as u work along, but i hope i will get the exception. I really hope i will enjoy working there n continue to work there even after my practicum. I always want to be a good kindy teacher, always. I really love seeing the smiles of children, seeing them learning, and seeing them enjoy learning. Haha really couldn't wait to start this new challenge!! But there is a bigger challenge before i can take this challenge---waking up early.

HAHA! tell u what, i have never been waking up early in weekdays since..omg. mayb 2years ago?! n i know how lucky m i to have such privillege. Thanks to SEGi college n ROsaline that set all our classes in the afternoon, except for Saturday's. Huh, perhaps it s time to face the reality. Huh. 7am rush. Huh. the morning jam. The blue mondays. walamak!!!

Oh ya, i guess i will have more updates soon as i just started to learn my new dslr camera. keke. It s my little nikon D60 keke. so u know la, all the random pics. hehehe...

Seriously, more updates soon!!! ^^

=challenged, maymay=

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